Gym Closed

The gym is currently closed by Government decree until the 2nd of December.

COVID UPDATE, 1st October 2020

Please note our new opening hours effective from Monday the 5th of October.

In order to keep our doors open we are having to reduce our hours. Throughout this process we are constantly reviewing and adapting to ensure that we can remain open to some level throughout these rather strange times! We are still very much committed to giving a space for the community to become stronger, healthier and to better our immune systems.

When demand returns we will review and change our hours to match.

Personal trainers will still be working all hours of the day so the gym may appear open when it is not.

We thank you for your continued patience.

Gym re-opening

The gym will be opening on Saturday 25th July between 8:00am – 2:00pm. Inevitably we have had to introduce some temporary changes to the way we operate. We have new opening hours which can be seen here.

It is possible that we will be affected by short term lockdowns in the future. To keep things simple, we are temporally changing to a capped PAYG system for everybody, the details are explained below. Existing members should read the section below on membership fees.

Social Distancing and Hygiene

Please remember to respect everyone’s personal space. Some people have good reasons for needing to stay safe. If you are concerned about anything, please contact a member of staff.

The gym is renting the lower studio from Gibson Studios so the equipment can be spread out. There is also some new equipment to be enjoyed!

We have made changes to the building to allow extra ventilation. Please do not touch or move any fans as they have been placed or left off intentionally. The fans in the upstairs gym are operating in reverse to pull air up.

To allow for a one-way system, all GYM attendees are to come through the main entrance and leave through the side door in Ash (downstairs) studio. Please do not enter through this door.

All DANCERS and studio users are to enter through the front glass doors when summoned by your teacher/instructor. Please wait outside until notified. To limit numbers inside the buildings we ask that all parents/guardians are to remain outside.

Under Government guidelines it has been advised to turn up and leave in your gym or dance clothing. Although the changing rooms and shower are not off limit should you need to use them.

Some groups of machines will be restricted in that if one machine is in use the other cannot be used by anyone who is not in the same social bubble.

The staff have a strict cleaning regime to follow. In addition, we ask users to wipe machines and weights down with the available products when they are finished with them.

Please put all weights back where you found them. We have placed enough weights by each machine and power rack to ensure that weights do not need to get moved about.

We may find that we are too busy at times. If this happens on a regular basis, we may put in a booking system so that we can regulate numbers.


So we don’t have to manage a membership in an environment where the gym may be forced to repeatedly open and close we are moving everyone to a capped PAYG system. Starting from your first post-lockdown PAYG visit you will have to pay for the first 7 gym sessions, thereafter they will be free until the monthly anniversary of the first visit when the count is reset.

PAYG: £5, Cap: £35

If you have any questions or concerns then please email Jake on

Membership Fees

Membership fees already paid will be rolled over to when the gym operates as normal. However, if you require a refund please notify a member of staff who will arrange for this to happen. Please do not ask for it to be set against PAYG fees.